How are your toys dyed?

Toy parts are dyed with Vitacritter, a dye specifically made for small animals and birds. The exceptions to this are black, brown, light blue. These colors are made with Americolor food gels.

I mix colorants with 70% isopropyl alcohol. This is because it helps the color set quickly, reducing how wet the materials get, and thereby decreasing drying time. This limits the chances for mold.

Isopropyl alochol also disinfects, just in case there is anything on the wood, and evaporates completely when dry.

Since these are water based dyes, it is totally normal for these to sometimes run when they are sprayed or splashed with water.

I do offer most toys without dyes wherever possible, so if you prefer to avoid dyes, please let me know at checkout. 

Why do your toys not include Quicklinks?

By default, I do not include quicklinks as people have their own preferences. This prevents waste by not giving something to someone that they can't or won't use, keeps my costs down by only sending things that are wanted, and keeps prices lower. 

What metals do you use?

I only use nickel plated and stainless steel items. I always specify which I am using in a toy.

For toys and perches with stainless steel hardware included or available as an upgrade, you will receive the following unless otherwise stated. All are 18-8 Stainless Steel. 

1/4-20 Hanger or Machine Bolt
1/4-20 Wingnut
1.5" Fender Washer

O-rings are nickel-plated unless otherwise stated. I unfortunately do not offer welded O-rings at this time.

Toy Safety

I try to be very diligent in all aspects of toy making, from the materials used to the way they are used. That being said, every bird plays different, and it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the things you give to your bird are safe. If you have any questions about any aspect of my toys, please send me a message. 

For Dinosaur and embedded bead shapes:

Some birds with long, thin beaks may get their beak inside the 7/64" (~2.78mm) hole on the 8mm beads. For these birds we recommend the 9.5mm" balls as they have no hole. This makes them also a harder wood to snap than the beads. 

Why are your prices higher on Etsy?

Etsy charges a lot more fees than my website does, and requires certain things out of its sellers such as offering free shipping. The prices there reflect the higher fees and shipping costs. With free shipping over $35, the cost usually equals out to be about the same. So shop wherever you prefer!

Do you have a bird free work environment?

Yes. My office and workshop are on a different level of my home from my bird. I also have an entrance on this level, so all incoming materials and outgoing shipments never are on the same floor as my bird is. This floor is also inaccessible to my cat, but my dog has separation anxiety and is allowed to sleep on a cot in my office while I am working. 


Do you use any cleaners in your office/workshop?

I only use F10 in my workshop and office areas. This is a vet grade disinfectant that is safe to use around birds and animals. 


Do you offer wholesale?

At this time I do not offer wholesale on my items.