COVID-19 and Shipping Updates

Updated October 23rd, 2021


What a crazy world we live in right now! I hope you are all doing well with the changes thrust upon us as we battle this virus as a planet!

It is important to me to keep my family and myself healthy, as I do not want to chance almost 2 year old Mathias getting this unpredictable illness. My paranoia of course extends to you, as I cannot be careful in only half of my life - it is an all or nothing situation. We are staying home, practicing social distancing, washing our hands, and sanitizing with F-10 like crazy! 

I am still accepting orders and shipping out as quickly as possible! Luckily I do USPS pickup, so as long as my mail carrier keeps picking up packages off my porch, I will keep sending them out! 

However, USPS and some countries have put some incoming and outgoing international shipping restrictions in place, and other countries have put their own restrictions on packages coming from the US. For a full list of areas I cannot ship to currently, please check here:

Please be aware that some countries are experiencing significant delays with their mail. First Class packages are not considered "lost" during normal conditions for 45 days, so please be patient. 

For information on international insurance, check here:

I've also added UPS to the available shipping options list. This may be a faster option for those of you who have had mail disruptions. UPS Service Alerts:

If you've put in an order recently, thank you. I am grateful to be able to bring a bit of happiness (or at least a tiny sense of normalcy!) to people during this time. 


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