Bongo Box FAQ

What is Bongo Box?

Bongo Box is a mystery toy box filled with handmade Lil Monsters Bird Toys! Available as a one time treat or as a recurring subscription.

How does it work?

Pick your budget, how often you want it delivered, let me know what types of birds and any material preferences, and I will send you a mix of toys to suit - maybe even new ones specifically designed per your information!

How many toys are in a box?

Each box is unique to you based on the information you provide to me. I wanted to make sure that these were as customizable as possible, so putting a set number of toys per tier doesn't work for all birds unfortunately. I use the budget you set to go "shopping" in my own store for your bird to maximize those funds as much as possible. 

What kind of birds is this box for?

My specialty and focus is smaller birds, and larger birds who enjoy shredding. While I do try to accommodate birds of all sizes, as well as small animals like rats and rabbits, if your pet is a heavy wood chewer, it might not be a good fit. The more information I receive, the more I can tailor the box to the likes and dislikes of your pet(s)! 

I have more than one bird. Can I order one box?

Yes! Just let me know what all you have and what their individual likes and dislikes are, and I will try to make sure everyone gets something! I recommend at least a $35 box for 2 birds. If you have large birds or birds that like thick woods, I recommend higher as those toys are usually about $15 to $20 each to start. 

Can I request specific toys?

Yes! At anytime before your box bills out, feel free to reach out to by replying to the reminder email, or by Facebook or Instagram to let me know what toy you would like in your next box. You can also add items to your next order alongside your Bongo Box through your Customer Portal!

How often are subscription boxes shipped out?

That is up to you! Currently we offer:

- Every 30, 60, or 90 days, billed every month until you cancel

How long after I am billed does my order ship out?

Orders are completed in the order received and some times are busier than others! Please allow 3 weeks for shipping.

Can I skip boxes?

You can change your next ship date up to a day before it ships through My Account, and you can pick any day between tomorrow and one year from now! You can also change your frequency as well. (See Bongo Help page) I am also always available to do this for you - just send me an e-mail or message!

Can I send a Bongo Box as a gift?

Yes! Just put their name and address in the shipping address area! Feel free to leave a gift message in the comments at checkout and I will include it on a notecard in your package

Can I get a refund or return my order?

I do not provide refunds for Bongo Boxes, and I do not accept returns for the safety of my own bird as well as that of my customers. Obviously if there is a mistake on my end, then I will make it right! 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Bongo Boxes, please contact me before ordering. I only send items based on what information I am provided. If you provide me with limited information about what your bird likes or dislikes, I will try to cover as many bases as possible to find a toy your bird likes. Since birds are so unique with what they like, telling me species alone does not provide enough information. I have large bird customers that love shredding balsa, and small bird customers that like hardwoods. The more information I am given, the better I am able to provide a box your bird or flock will enjoy. 

How do I cancel?

You may cancel at any time through My Account or by contacting me. Please note that the system will only let you cancel up to 3 days before it bills. See Bongo Help page for directions on cancellation. 

What if my payment on file is declined? 

The system will automatically try to charge your account 3 days after it fails. If this also fails, your subscription will be cancelled. You should be able to resume it through the Customer Portal if you wish, however if you have any problems please contact me!

Can I use Shop Pay for subscriptions?

No, per Shopify's Terms and Conditions, Shop Pay is not an eligible payment type for subscriptions.