What's Your Bird's Play Style?

Just like children, bird's don't all play the same! This page hopefully will help you narrow down our selections.

Fraidy Bird

These toys are great for those that are new to toys or are fearful around new toys!


From Balsa, to sola, to Yucca, these are the softest, most shreddable woods we offer!

Only If There is Food Involved

Have a bird reluctant to play unless there is food involved? These toys feature treat spots to encourage play!

Making Noise, Bonking & Beaking

Bells, rattles, plastic chains, and more!

Chipping and Snapping

From thin woods to small beads, these are great for those that like to chip away at woods and snap beads!


Vine to Seagrass to Bamboo, these toys are crunchy!

Softie at Heart

For those pine chewers that like a little soft appetizer included!

Beaver in Training

These toys feature thick pine and other harder elements for serious small chewers.