About Me

I have been owned by small parrots since 2011.

A family of four in the forest

I soon learned that there was a real problem: a lot of toys were marketed for "small birds" but were not appropriate for many reasons. They used unsafe parts like zinc metals and paints, or they were just big toy parts marketed for small birds. Either way, I found that all of the toys I bought at the store were simply not enjoyed by my parrots.

Play and destruction are a vital part of keeping our companion birds healthy, entertained, and happy, and I began to solve this problem for my own flock several years ago. I then realized that if I had this issue, other people might too. That's how Lil Monsters came to be.

The Lil Monsters name started as an inside joke. At the time I had two Quaker parrot boys - Bobber and Jingo. They are cage aggressive, often being stubborn, unpredictable, and crafty. I affectionately call them my "Lil Monsters" as that's sometimes what they are! Our mascot, Bongo, is an ode to them! 

In 2023, my husband joined me in the business and together we work hard to make fun, safe toys for your birds!

Currently our personal pets include Ripley the Jardine's Parrot, Bosco the Lineolated Parakeet, Quibble the Bourke's Parakeet, Tuchanka the Leopard Gecko, Lydia the cat, and Luke the Great Dane mix. I am also the mom to two young boys aged 5 years apart. Between the 8 of them, they keep me rather busy!

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