Handcrafted Toys for Small Parrots

I have been designing and making toys for my own birds for over a decade, and in 2017 I started selling them to others. My focus is non-toxic, safe toys for small birds that love to destroy, encouraging foraging, and helping birds learn to love toys!

Lil Monsters is available online only, and I do not sell birds or food - only toys!

Grab something for yourself!

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  • Fearful Bird?

    Not sure where to start or have a bird that is new to toys? Take a look at my guide!

    Introducing Toys to a Fearful Bird 
  • Bongo Box

    Let me shop for you! Pick your budget, let me know what types of birds and any material preferences, and I will send you a mix of toys to suit - maybe even new ones specifically designed per your information! Available as a one time purchase or as a recurring order!

    Try It Now 
  • Needing Some Seasonal Flair?

    From Valentine's Day through Christmas, Seasonal toys are some of my favorites!

    Shop Seasonal 
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