What is a skewer filler?

What is a skewer filler?

What’s a skewer filler, exactly? The first time I remember hearing about them was on Avian Avenue when a member there brought the idea up to the vendors. The concept is that it’s a small part of a toy that is made to be strung up onto a stainless steel skewer. It is a safer option that eliminates things that can pose potential threats to our birds such as loose ropes or chains. It also can be a good alternative for birds that quickly undo or snip through other toys. Aside from that, it’s a fun way to make toys that are easy to make and refill!

And, for those itty bitty birds or those with handicaps, skewer fillers can be a "Mini Toy"! I like to use them for travel cages because they don't bounce around so much! Just put a link through the center loop and you are good to go!

Here are some examples of the skewer fillers available here at Lil Monsters as well as how they look when put on a skewer together!

 LindenFish FriendsBunch o' PeasBalsa Bells

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