Here are some useful links that I often use for people who have questions or needing something I don't currently offer!

Helpful Links


Avian Avenue

Avian Avenue

A bird forum where you can talk with other bird lovers and get help with your own flock! I'm Mizzely over there!


Other Toy Shops

These are shops that I have personally used! No paid sponsorship; just shops I trust!

Toy Parts

California Bird Nerds

CA Bird Nerds

Boasting one of the most extensive toy part collections in the US, CA Bird Nerds has super fast shipping and fair prices!


Stainless Steel Toys

Blu's Bird Toys

Blu's Stainless Steel Bird Toys

If you want some gorgeous and safely welded toys, Blu's is the place! Toys for anything from a parrotlet to a macaw will find something here!

For Big Birds

Seriously Nutz

Seriously Nutz

If you have a big bird, or a bird who is a big chewer, Seriously Nutz is my favorite place to shop! She also offers a monthly subscription box geared towards the bigger beaks!