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What kinds of toys do you make?

Littles are my main focus, but I offer toys for anything from parrotlet to small amazon sized birds! My main materials are balsa, sola, mahogany, thin pine, cork, vines, and paper. I like to make cute toys, and toys that offer foraging opportunities!

Processing Times

I am currently operating at about a 3 to 4 weeks processing time, so please keep that in mind when ordering. Depending on how many orders I get, it may be longer. I work on things as fast as I can but as I am home alone with two young boys most of the day, my work time is limited!



If an item says In Stock, this means that I have the materials on hand to make that item. Since many items share materials, I don't want to oversell anything and not be able to deliver.


Shipping Note

For domestic orders, please allow additional time than normal. The USPS has stated mail is delayed across the board by 1-2 days regardless of shipping speed, and I have seen a couple orders be delayed by up to a month. Please be patient and extra kind to your postal carrier as they are working hard to make sure life stays as sane as possible!


International Orders

I am opening international orders up again! However, USPS has put some incoming and outgoing international shipping restrictions in place, and other countries have put their own restrictions on packages coming from the US. For a full list of areas I cannot ship to currently, please check here:
Please be aware that some countries are experiencing significant delays with their mail. First Class packages are not considered "lost" during normal conditions for 45 days, so please be patient. 
For information on international insurance, check here:
I've also added UPS to the available shipping options list. This is a faster option for those of you who have had mail disruptions. UPS Service Alerts:

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