Skip a Shipment

SMS Subscribers: Text Modify Order, then follow the prompts to select Skip Upcoming Order or Delay Order

After logging into your account, by default you will be on the Subscriptions tab. If you have navigated away, click the Subscriptions tab to get to the right screen. On mobile, you will click the text of the tab you are on now to bring down the menu.

Then click Edit next to the Subscription you would like to change. 

Edit Subscription

Mobile Menu

To skip your next shipment, click the Skip Shipment button.

Skip Next

It will show you the details for your shipments. Click the Confirm button to commit the changes. 

Skip Next Confirmation


If however, you would like to skip a future box, you may do so. Please note that the system will only show you shipments occurring in the next 90 days. 

Click the Delivery Schedule tab at the top, then find the shipment you would like to skip. 

Skip A Shipment

It will outline the changes. Click Skip to confirm. 

Skip Confirmation


You can also reverse a skipped box if you change your mind. Just click Unskip on the screen and follow through to confirm.

Skip Reversal