UK Shipping

Updated 04/15/2024

New! Want to buy less than the website minimum? Check out our Etsy shop! Etsy remits VAT on our behalf, which is why the rules are different. 


UK orders placed on this site have a £136 minimum (currently $169 USD) due to VAT laws. This is the amount after any discounts but before shipping costs are added. You will be charged $25 shipping which is the lowest shipping cost available from me to you. When your order is complete and weighed, I will send you an invoice for any amount over that due. Packages up to 4 lbs will be about $55. Shipping costs due NOT include VAT or duty and may be responsible for those fees when you receive your package. VAT may be up to 20% of your order value. 

Packages returned to me for refusal to pay VAT or duties fees, or failure to pick up will have two options:

1) You will be invoiced for shipping charges again and your order reshipped

2) Your order refunded minus original shipping charges


I have tried several times to get registered with HMRC so I can remit VAT myself on orders under the £135 threshold. I cannot legally collect VAT unless I can remit it, and I can't remit it unless I am registered. After £135, UK customs handles VAT collection, which is why I am able to ship after that amount is hit.