Update Your Bird's Preferences

Your bird have a change of heart? Need to update your preferences for favorites, restrictions, or add a new family member?

Send me an email or fill out the form below! I will get it taken care of on my end!

As a reminder the fields you can update are:

  • What species is this for?
  • What are their favorite things?
    • Sidemount Toys
    • Seconds Quality Toys (at a discount)
  • Do you need Quicklinks?
    • Yes, Nickel Plated Pear Links ($0.35 each)
    • Yes, Nickel Plated Oval Links ($0.85 each)
    • Yes, Stainless Steel Peak Links ($1.55 each)
    • No
  • If You Need Quicklinks, how often?
    • Every Box, for Every Toy
    • Every Box, Some Toys
    • Occassionally
  • Do you prefer dyed or undyed toys?
    • Dyed
    • Undyed/Natural
    • Mix
    • No Preference

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