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Lil Monsters Bird Toys

Bongo Box

Bongo Box

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Don't know what you want? Your birds indifferent? In a rush but need some new toys?

Let me shop for you! Pick your budget, let me know what types of birds and any material preferences, and I will send you a mix of toys to suit - maybe even new ones specifically designed per your information!

You can also have this item delivered every 30, 60, or 90 days .. Just choose your frequency before adding to the cart! 

Bongo Box FAQs:  Frequently Asked Questions
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Toy Types Explained

Hanging toys is basically a "catch all" for any type of toy that hangs and can be destroyed. 
Examples: Koopa and Bella

Foraging Toys are toys that are ideal for hiding a treat inside. 

Foot Toys are toys meant to be played with on the ground, or put in a bowl, etc. They don't attach to the cage at all. Lots of birds like to play with their feet and these encourage that natural behavior.

Seasonal would be any toys that are usually holiday or season themed. I do toys for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc. These are only available for the relevant months. I will only send you seasonal toys that match other types of toys you have asked for (example - if you haven't selected Foot Toys, you won't receive Seasonal Foot Toys)

Sidemount Toys are ones that Tie to the side of the cage or bolt on with stainless steel hardware. Examples: Daisy, Wildflowers

Dinosaurs are shapes made from pine or balsa and then embedded with beads, cork, and/or millet 

Skewer Fillers are smaller toys that are designed to fit perfectly onto a stainless steel skewer to make up your own toy. They are also good as standalone toys for larger birds to use as foot toys, or for small shy birds. 

Quicklinks for Hanging: By default, I do not include quicklinks to maximize the amount of toys you receive.

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