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Lil Monsters Bird Toys



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Who will be king in your bird's cage - them or the King of the Dinosaurs?

This toy is intended to be mounted to the side of a cage, and will come with a 1/4" x 1.5" machine bolt, two 1.5" washers, and a wingnut to keep it safely in place. All stainless steel! 

Embedded into a piece of 3/4" unfinished pine are 6mm wood beads, and then your choice of 8mm wood beads, 3/8" wood balls, millet, or I can leave the holes empty for you to fill yourself! (Please note: only the larger holes will be left empty unless you message me to let me know otherwise)

Note: Some birds with long, thin beaks may get their beak inside the 7/64" (~2.78mm) hole on the 8mm beads. For these birds we recommend the 3/8" balls as they have no hole. This makes them also a harder wood to snap than the beads. 

This toy is GREAT for small birds like budgies, cockatiels, conures, quakers, and more! And they can either safely chew the pine to smithereens with all its tantalizing nooks and crannies, or you can keep refilling the wells with beads or more treats

I do not add anything, especially food, until I am prepping your order for shipping. This makes sure that the food stays fresh for your birds!

Please note that because this is a handmade product, made from natural materials, variations are to be expected. 

Size is approx 6" x 4".

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tina Black

Love it so cute.

Grace G
Review Imported from Etsy

My cockatiels love it and I can keep refilling it with Avi-cakes to reuse it over and over

Taylor C
Review Imported from Etsy

Awesome product that my caique really loves!

Lori F
Review Imported from Etsy

This is top notch, great material! It does bring color to the cage (which we like). I've seen my birds flock to the T-Rex every morning to check for treats haha.... thank you for our unusual foraging Dino. :)

Review Imported from Etsy

So stinking cute. I love it and my cockatiel took to it right away! Thank you!