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Christmas Ornament Bundle

Christmas Ornament Bundle

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A bundle of ornaments to decorate your bird's area with! Small enough to be used as foot toys or skewer fillers, too! Contains 1 each of 9 Ornaments:

1 - Reindeer Ornament (Fiber cup lid with cardstock reindeer and 8mm wood beads on either side. Exact color and pattern will vary. On paper rope) ($2.49)

1 - Wooden Bulb (1 inch and 10mm wood beads on paper rope) $2.49

1 - Little Holiday Gift (Balsa gift with cardstock ribbon and pony bead accents on paper rope) $2.99

1- Rustic Snowflake (Cottonwood or willow coin with cardstock snowflake on either side, strung on paper rope) $2.49

1 - Angel Ornament (Cork, hardwood beads, wings, and paper rope) $3.49

1 - Icicle (Plastic snowflake and tri beads on paper rope. Available with or without a nickel plated liberty bell)  2.99-3.49

1 - Mini Wreath (Vine wreath, cardstock bow, and 8mm bead on paper rope) $3.99

1 -  Pine Tree (1/4" thick pine, hardwood star, and 8mm wood bead on paper rope. Measures about 2" x 1.5") $2.99

1 - Mini Balsa Tree (Balsa Slats, vine star, and 10mm wood bead on paper rope) $3.99


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