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Grapevine Perches

Grapevine Perches

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These grapevine have been sand blasted, giving them a rough texture that is easier to grip for small feet!

As they are unique perches, please choose the exact perch you want. I will try to give details but as they all have so many surfaces and angles, these will not be exhaustive and should be used to give you a general idea. 

Perch #1 - 10" long, averaging 3/4" to 1" in diameter

Perch #2 - 9" long, 6" at the widest part, averaging 1" to 1.5" in diameter, all the way down to 1/2" in places

Perch #3 - 10" long, 6" at its widest, averaging 1" to 1.5", with some 1/2" spots

Perch #4 - 8" long, 1.25" average

Perch #5 - 6.5" long, 4" at its widest, averaging 3/4" in diameter

Perch #6 - 8" long, 4" at its widest, averaging 1", with some 3/4" spots

Perch #7 - 8" long, 4" at its widest, averaging 2", with some 1" spots

Perch #8 - 9" long, 7" at its widest, averaging 1.25" to 2", with some 1/2" spots

Perch #9 - 8" long, 4" at its widest, averaging 1.5" to 1.75". Will mount at a slight upward angle. 

To prep perches, I scrub them, soak them in F10, and bake in the oven before adding hardware. This is to lower the risk of viruses, bacteria, bugs, or mold that may be present in the wood. However, this is still a natural product! 



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