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Itty Bitty Chippy

Itty Bitty Chippy

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A chippy toy for even the smallest bird!

With ~1/8" pine slats, separated by 8mm beads for added interest, this toy is able to be chipped by even the tiniest beaks! All strung on paper rope.

Please note that the More Beads has been updated to be ALL 8mm beads; no more 6mm beads. 

Measures about 4" by 5". for Less Beads size.

Colors will vary. 

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Customer Reviews

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Chippy goodness!

Itty Bitty Chippy has been beloved by my flock of small Conures from day one. Its yet another staple toy that I always keep on hand for my birds. The snappy chippy pine is absolutely irresistible it keeps my flock busy for hours and I sure do love hearing the lovely snap of that chippy pine go flying knowing that my flock is having so much fun.