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Birdie Buddy

Large Snack Bar

Large Snack Bar

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Made and Designed by Birdie Buddy

No matter how you place it, it will be a fun toy for your bird!

Features eight 7/8" holes that run to the center of the perch and 1/4" grooves. 

Mount it to the side for a nice platform perch that they have to reach along the side to eat from. 

Or turn it so that they perch on the side with the holes!

Or mount it from the inside of the top of the cage for an immobile forager for those timid birds that don't like it when their toys sway. 

So many possibilities for one perch/toy! 

Made with soft pine (SPF) wood. 

Measures 3.5" x 1.5" 11” long with SS bolt on and wing nut. Two 2" stainless steel washers included.


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