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Apple Perch

Apple Perch

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These Natural Apple perches have a gently ridged texture on their reddish brown bark. With a harder wood and a thin bark, they are also fun to chew for many birds!

Baked and sanitized with F10. Includes stainless steel hardware, including 1.25" washers and a wingnut. 


Available in 1/2" and 3/4" widths, both at 8" length. As these are a natural product, please allow for differences in exact size and color.

Offering perches with a variety of widths and different textures encourages foot health and helps prevent bumblefoot and arthritis.  

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Customer Reviews

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Sage Z
Really great perch

Perch got here quickly and in great condition. It’s perfect for my parakeet. Probably the fastest he has ever warmed up to a new perch! Will probably end up buying more in the future!!