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Lil Monsters Bird Toys

O Christmas Tree

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We took our normal pine-and-bead toys and added some extra decorations to celebrate the holiday!

Made with 3/4" thick pine or balsa dyed dark green, this toy is then dotted with wood beads, strung with cardstock garland, adorned with sparkly pony beads, and topped with a vine star!

Attaches to the side of the cage with 1.5" machine bolt, 1.5" fender washers and a wingnut. All 18-8 grade stainless steel!

Measures about 4" x 5.5"

Exact bead colors may vary. 

Please note: Some birds with long, thin beads may get their beak inside the 7/64" (~2.78mm) hole on the 8mm beads. For these birds we recommend the 9.5mm balls as they have no hole. This makes them also a harder wood to snap than the beads.