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Twister Skewer & Mega Filler Bundle

Twister Skewer & Mega Filler Bundle

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Skewers are an economical way to make toys for our birds, but they also give us a base to make larger toys for those that like to chew through the ropes! 

With this bundle you will get the popular Twister Skewer, which is a nickel plated rod with an acrylic ball and oval link, as well as 15 of our most popular skewer fillers! Use them alone or add other parts from destroyed toys or your toy parts stash to make up a new toy! 

This Bundle Includes:

-Twister Skewer
- Linden (Balsa and 1/8" Basswood)
- Digit (palm and mahogany pod slices)
- Lace Cookie (cardboard and cupcake liners)
- Bowtie (balsa and palm leaf)
- Burst (cork and mini craft sticks)
- Balsa Bells (balsa and paper cups)
- Stopped Up (balsa and cork)
- Starry Eyed (vine stars)
- Munchie (balsa and 1/8" pine)
- Mellow (balsa and sola)
- Bunch o' Peas (8mm and 10mm wood beads)
- Trio (Balsa, cork, and mahogany pod slices)
- Jingle (Plastic doodads on plastic chain)
- Isoceles (balsa)
- Baby (balsa, mahogany pods, and 1/8" pine)

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